Management Services

Program Management

Program Management is hte development of a comprehensive program for the planning, design procurement, construction and implementation of a project occurring over several years or longer.

Program management services include:

  • Condition Assessments
  • Facilities Master Plan
  • Implementation Plan
  • Master Program Schedule
  • Program Budget & Budget Control System
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Management Information

Construction Management

Construction Management is the team collaboration to determine roles & responsibilities during construction.

Construction Management services include:

  •  Development of Detailed Construction Management Plan
  •  Coordination of Testing & Inspection of Projects
  •  Conduct Soil Analysis & Residual Pesticide Investigations
  •  Coordination of Multiple Contractors
  •  Production of Monthly Cost Reports to Manage Costs
  •  Preparation of Cash Flow Projections
  •  Administrative of Correspondence Logs
  •  Serve as Liaison between Local & Government Agencies
  •  Generate Weekly & Monthly Management Summary Reports